EPIK Apartment Tour in Daejeon, South Korea

My apartment

One of the benefits EPIK offers is free, furnished housing for all teachers. Every situation (and apartment) is different; However, all teachers are guaranteed a home. This is a tour of my furnished studio apartment in Daejeon, South Korea.

All EPIK apartments must include a bed, bedding, desk, chair, wardrobe, TV, washing machine, refrigerator, stove top and microwave. However, I was lucky enough to also get a convection oven.

EPIK also gives everyone a 300,000 Won (a little over $300) settlement allowance to buy any household supplies you may need. My apartment was bare when I arrived so I had to buy kitchen supplies right away.

I love my place! The only downside is the size. It is a shoebox, but I was expecting that. It will be very tight when Paul arrives this week. But we lived in a van before so I figure we can do this! Otherwise it is perfect for me. The best part is the location. It’s right by a subway stop so I can get to downtown easily. There are convenience stores and restaurants right outside my door; grocery stores a short walk away; and I can walk/bike to my main school. There is also a park and running track right outside my building as well.

Everyone’s situation is different and it’s hard not to compare to other EPIK teachers’ homes. I’ve caught myself being envious of those with bigger apartments; However, most of them are not as close to downtown as I am. Every situation has its pros and cons. My advice is to try not to compare. Not only with housing, but also with schools, cities and co-teachers. As with everything in EPIK, it all just depends. Focus on the positives and make the best of your time and situation while in Korea!

Now, here’s the tour…



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