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Daejeon: One Month Teaching English

One Month It has been one month since I started working at my high school in Daejeon. Some days fly by while others feel like they will never end. Moments occur when I think,...

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EPIK Orientation Spring 2017

EPIK Orientation If you are like me when I was applying for EPIK you are probably searching online for everything you can find about EPIK. I am now in my second week of teaching...

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EPIK Apartment Tour in Daejeon, South Korea

My apartment One of the benefits EPIK offers is free, furnished housing for all teachers. Every situation (and apartment) is different; However, all teachers are guaranteed a home. This is a tour of my furnished...

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First Days in Daejeon as an English Teacher

Orientation: Complete. First days at work… I successfully finished EPIK orientation, moved into my new apartment and completed the first two days at my school. Orientation was a long, full 9 days (a separate...

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Next Chapter: Teaching English in South Korea

Teaching English in South Korea Well, it’s about that time again. I’m working through a checklist marking off items like “sell car”; “apply for visa”; “study language”; “file taxes”; “book flight”; and “print/organize documents”....