About Here is what you need to know about me.

My name is Chrissy and I love traveling the world.

It started with a year studying abroad in Austria. I spent ten months taking Business courses, learning about other cultures and traveling around Europe. This led me to a short stint volunteering through Peace Corps in the small Eastern European country of Moldova. I then spent a year on a working holiday in Australia. I traveled around Australia while also spending a few months working as a Care Taker in Perth. I have hiked through the Amazon in Brazil. I’ve been paragliding above Slovenia. I even purchased and lived in a station wagon while road tripping around Australia.

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Scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef!

I’m just a girl in my upper 20s not settling for a life of ordinary and routine. I’m originally from the Midwest of the United States, but I rarely stick around there. Since I was 20 years old I have traveled to 24 countries and I have lived in 3 foreign cities for either study, volunteering or work. And I’m not stopping yet.

About why I travel:

I travel for the senses.

That first bite of Neapolitan pizza in a quaint, homestyle restaurant in Italy. Gazing at that iconic panorama on top of Corcovado standing aside Cristo Redentor. The goosebumps that spread over your skin when you hear that first line in the Hungarian opera. That feel of the salty, Mediterranean breeze on a hot day in Malta. Taking an early morning walk along cobblestone streets and getting that whiff of freshly made bread from the Bäckerei.

Need I say more?

I travel for the stories.

A traveler always has the best stories. I often smile at myself as I relive an old travel moment. Some funny, some challenging and some highly inappropriate. You are never bored by yourself once you’ve traveled because you have countless amounts of entertainment sources right in your own head. Like how I am very allergic to insects and I got bit by some mysterious jungle bug while hiking through the Amazon and had an allergic reaction that caused my ankle to turn purple, hurt like hell and swell up to the size of a softball which concluded in me making my first visit to a Brazilian hospital. It makes for an interesting dinner conversation.

I travel for the sensations.


1. A physical feeling or perception resulting from something that happens to or comes into contact with the body.

2. A widespread reaction of interest and excitement.

Perceptions. A life of exploration is hopeless in trying to abstain from altered perceptions. Learning from others while on the road, seeing other ways of living, witnessing different cultural, political and economical structures. All of these leave a mark. It’s impossible to go back to what you thought before once you have that “ah-ha!” moment. Albeit tough, my seven weeks in Moldova resulted in a lot of sensations and altered perceptions.

My Travel Philosophy

No one should be afraid to travel. The world isn’t some big, scary dangerous place outside of your home. I want to show people that traveling the world, even as a solo female, is possible. And even more than that- it is rewarding, educational and will more than likely change you in the best ways.

I enjoy slow travel and focus on the anecdotes I collect while on the road, and the reflections of the lessons learned while traveling. I love seeing life through the eyes of a local. I am also an avid outdoor adventurer and I live for getting dirty while exploring nature. My goal is to inspire others to go see the world!

This is why I have chosen a life of travel and what you can expect from this blog.

Thank you for visiting.



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